What Our Clients Are Saying?

“You demonstrated remarkable expertise as you anticipated each of (my husband's) needs …. It meant the world to me that you created a home which was warm and inviting as well as safe and accessible to my handicapped husband.”

- Elaine Gotlieb

“You were like a visionary in the retrofitting of our home. You used your phenomenal expertise and creativity to envision options that put functionality into living space for my physically challenged son.”

- Robert Lapin

When you’re physically challenged, even the most common residential features can present themselves as barriers to independent living.

Accessible Design, also known as Universal Design, is a specialized branch of Interior Design.

Adele Cohen Segel obtained additional advanced training in Aging-in-Place, and Accessible Design at Harvard University.

Through Adele's expertise, Relocate & Renovate can offer effective, innovative breakthroughs to barriers and restore a sense of independence. Proven state-of-the-art solutions include: Easy electronic control systems, wider doorways, pullout shelving, non-grasp drawer and cabinet pulls, lever-operated faucets, flexible workstations, and more.

Equally important is the fact that current accessible design solutions are very stylish so homes continue to be highly marketable.


Independent living often becomes an issue for another group of clients—older homeowners. Until recently, they had to leave their homes and long-time cherished neighbors for a different, geriatric-friendly environment. Not any more.

Within Accessible Design is a field of expertise called Aging-In-Place.

Proven, attractive aging-in-place solutions are available to help you feel more comfortable and more confident.