What Our Clients Are Saying

"Our friends were surprised when we said we really enjoyed the nine months spent remodeling our home. The primary reason for the positive experience was Adele. She simplified the decisions and calmed our anxieties which was particularly important since both of us work outside our home."

- Ellie Chaikind

"Adele knows how to listen to what the client is saying and learn what the client wants. That is why we have worked with her on so many projects."

- Stuart Schube

The history of Relocate & Renovate is told in the story of its founder Adele Cohen Segel. She is the highly qualified and exceptionally personable driving force who began the company in 1978.

At that time, Adele was a recently widowed mother of two who had an inspired idea. She would take the remodeling experiences and the relocation design skills she mastered as a result of four corporate moves during her married life and create a business. Her idea was a hit. Transferees found their relocation stress significantly reduced as Adele effortlessly 

Adele Cohen Segel

prepared new homes that perfectly matched her clients' lifestyles. Good news traveled fast. Before long, corporate relocation managers had her on speed-dial. Adele had identified her first niche.

Adele's vision grew naturally. She recognized innate design abilities within herself and future trends within the real estate industry. She became accomplished as a general contractor, licensed as an interior designer, and certified as an Aging-In-Place Specialist.

To be more cost effective, an in-house team was created. Relocate & Renovate was a comprehensive design-build company long before the term was even invented.

Along the way, Adele identified and developed solid relationships with the most skilled and trustworthy suppliers and subcontractors - master craftspeople with impeccable talent.

Year after year, Adele thrives on staying current with design trends and products. The result is that her client homes are functional as well as beautiful.

Relocate & Renovate has successfully completed hundreds of residential projects. Adele's remarkable commitment is to personally direct every job.