“It has been our pleasure to have worked with Adele Segel on eight different projects over the past thirty years. Adele is super at what she does. She’s a problem solver, she’s creative, she’s honest, and her work is on time and on budget.”

- Richard and Gwendolyn Lewis
Houston, TX

That our clients choose to retain us again and again is the best endorsement of all!

"After our house flooded, Adele Segel used her combined experience as a general contractor and interior designer to help us make informed choices and wise decisions. The house was rescued and renovated on time and within budget."

- Susan Septimus
Houston, TX

“Your work is truly outstanding, but I value even more highly your reliability and trustworthiness”

- Dick and Mary Callaway
Houston, TX

“I was delighted with your knowledge and creativity in finding solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems associated with construction of our flooded home.”

- Joel Spira
Houston, TX

“I moved to Houston from Germany. Thanks to Relocate and Renovate, we were able to move directly into our house, eliminating the need for temporary housing. In planning the move, it seemed like a good idea; in hindsight, it seems like more than a good idea - a real life saver.”

- Jane Rasi

"Adele took the time to learn about our family needs and lifestyle. The resulting changes therefore, are practical as well as elegant."

- Elaine Gladstone

"Adele knows how to listen to what the client is saying and learn what the client wants. That is why we have worked with her on so many projects."

- Stuart Schube

"My husband and I were so happy with the beautiful and extensive remodel you did on the contemporary style house we purchased years ago that we naturally called you again recently when it was time to update things. Every surface was re-done from wall paints and textures to carpets and floating floors. The most recent job you did for us is proof that I was right to put my trust in you."

- Judy Presswood

"Through a triad of devastating floods, Adele and Relocate & Renovate have been a lifesaving partner and steady resource to convert tragedy into artful renovation! The ideal combination of frugal resource allocation is accompanied by a steady stream of valuable communication. Each job was preformed on schedule with full respect for our individual preferences."

- Dr.Alan Glombicki

"This project turned out even better than I pictured. This is apartment is now me, better than perfect!"

- Barbara Kaplan