What Our Clients Are Saying?

“The building schedule you got and followed allowed you to stay ahead of builder deadlines. You made sure selections were made ahead of time.”

- Maryanne & Alan Blackshear (VP, Gateway Homes, Ltd)

“People get overwhelmed when building a house especially if they are both working. You helped us focus so that we could make decisions in a timely manner and keep our builder on schedule.”

- Jeff and Iris Downing

"Looking around my place today, I see how smart I was to engage your services. This is the third house I’ve built. How I wish I’d had you on my first and second!"

- Elaine Gotlieb

"You served seamlessly as our advisor with the builder. We recognized right away that your experience and expert qualifications in construction as well as interior design enabled you to prepare us for what to expect."

- Mike and Carol Janssen

Relocate & Renovate adds to builder success by enabling solid, positive relationships between homeowners and builders. Our construction design services emphasize good communication, which begins with us really listening. Next, we ensure that expectations by all parties are understood. We know how to follow a schedule, develop solutions, and reduce stress by helping clients make timely product decisions.

Homeowners wind up with the best value for their money, and builders save time…which is money.

The result is a good experience for homeowner and builder plus a beautiful home that functions flawlessly.

Relocate & Renovate